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Mar 25, 2018

Robin on Facebook's crash, Cambridge Analytica's pimp, Al Qaida's "feminine" drive, and women keeping men's secrets. Guests: Stacey Abrams, African-American feminist running for Georgia governor; June Millington, "godmother of women's rock 'n roll."

Mar 18, 2018

Robin on sexism and pop music, the high-school protests, ageism and lowering the age to vote—and reversing the arrow of time?! Guest: Nina Khrushcheva on Putin's real motives and how current US policy aids and abets him. Plus Surrealism Corner!

Mar 11, 2018

Robin on striking teachers, marching students, cranky nuns, and defining "articulate." Guests: Kimberle Crenshaw and Rhanda Dormeus on "Say Her Name" activism; Helen LaKelly Hunt on her book about erasure of early 19th-century feminists of faith.

Mar 4, 2018

Robin on the hidden history of the Second Amendment, Hope Hicks, sexism at the BBC, Boko Haram's return, and China's Winnie the Pooh. Guests: Charlotte Gordon on the feminist origins of "Frankenstein"; Masih Alinejad on women's uprising in Iran.