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Mar 28, 2015

Robin comments on a high point in the human spirit—and on startling discoveries about how we process information. Guests: Karen Naimer of PHRC; Nelly Gicho-Niyonzima of The Connected Hearts; and Mallika Dutt on fresh, creative strategies to fight violence against women, trafficking, and conflict. »

Mar 21, 2015

Robin takes on "I'm no racist" racists. Guests: Singer-songwriter Janita discusses her new, breakthrough album—with a WMCLive world premiere of her new single; Mona Eltahawy reports on the chaos of Egypt; Gloria Steinem returns—with a new organization that funds women. »
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Mar 14, 2015

Robin on Hillary's email, and on young women joining ISIL. Guests: GA State Sen. Nan Orrock on politics at the state level; Charon Asetoyer exposes how oil pipelines increase violence against Native women; Hasna Maznavi, 29, founder of the first Women's Mosque of America. »
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