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Apr 30, 2016

Robin on why the Founders rejected democracy, the 8 unknown US presidents before George Washington, and the Harriet Tubman $20 bill. Special Poetry Month Show! Guest poets Alicia Ostriker, Robin Coste Lewis, Ursula K. Le Guin read from their work.

Alicia Ostriker:
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Robin Coste Lewis:

Apr 23, 2016

Robin on "the vagina vote," women candidates, the Panama Papers, and how journalists report campus rape. Guests: Nobel winner neuroscientist Paul Greengard; Celeste Mergens on girls' menstrual kits; Rebecca Traister on the impact of single women.

Dr. Paul Greengard:
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Celeste Mergens:

Apr 16, 2016

Robin on polls, Hillary, The Donald, and The Bern; plus special show on women and Parkinson's Disease, and gender-specific medicine. Guests: Maria De Leon, MD; Susan Foster, RN; and Allison Willis, MD. Also: Surrealism Corner, and We Won This!

Maria De Leon: » »

Susan Foster:

Apr 2, 2016

Robin on the media and Trump, and on "authenticity." Guests: Christine Lahti on acting, feminism, and writing; Robin Murphy, disaster-rescue roboticist; Patricia Bell-Scott discusses her book on the friendship of Pauli Murray and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Christine Lahti:
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