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May 28, 2016

Robin on Obama, Trump, Sanders—and manhood. Guests: Muslim feminist comic writer/filmmaker Negin Farsad; Feminist Majority Exec. Director and Ms. Editor Kathy Spillar; geobiologist and best-selling author Hope Jahren. Plus Surrealism Corner and We Won This!

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May 21, 2016

Robin on South American women pols: corruption or sexism? Guests: Rachel Simmons on empowering girls; Susan Ware debuts Click!, feminist history's online home; Manisha Sinha on how enslaved Africans led the abolition fight. Plus Surrealism Corner.

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Susan Ware:

May 14, 2016

Robin on what Trumpism really means, and what's next. Guests: Gloria Steinem reveals her new adventure; Regine Sawyer discusses the world of women and comix; Andrea Pino organizes against campus sexual assault. Plus Tweet of the Week and We Won This!

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May 7, 2016

Robin on "the Woman Card," and the "electoral industrial complex." Guests: Elaine Showalter, biographer of Julia Ward Howe; President of the Marshall Islands Hilda Heine on climate change; Blogger Scicurious (Bethany Brookshire) on science thrills.

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