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Nov 23, 2013

Robin's surprising comments on Doris Lessing's death. Special double-segment conversation: Hawaii's first woman Senator, Mazie Hirono, gets personal. Also, Anna Leah Sarabia on women in the Philippines, and Rebecca Sive discusses her book on how to run and win—at anything.

Nov 16, 2013

Robin on the typhoon in Southeast Asia, and on rampant prostitution in—yes—Dubai. Guests are all colleagues working on women and media: Jaclyn Fridman (WAM); Jenn Pozner (WIMN); Rita Henley Jensen (Women's e-News); and Katherine Rowlands (Journalism & Women Symposium).

Nov 9, 2013

Robin comments on women Senators’ courtesy, and also on the newest “loner” shooter. Guests: actor and comic Kathy Najimy; author Debora Spar; new research on movie sexism and racism by Stacy Smith; and Laurel Sprague on fighting discrimination against HIV-positive women.

Nov 2, 2013

Robin gives an exclusive update on Saudi women defying the driving ban, and comments on the attempted revival of the Men’s Movement. Guests: NARAL Pro-Choice America’s president Ilyse Hogue; Palestinian comic Maysoon Zayid; and singer-activist Holly Near.