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Mar 26, 2016

Robin on why young women deserve better sex, Cuba, Serena vs. sexism, job bias, and how pollution is killing us. Guests: Jennifer Scanlon's book on Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Emily Rice (astrophysicist and DJ!), IWHC's Françoise Girard on women's health.

Jennifer Scanlon:
Until There Is Justice: The Life of Anna...

Mar 19, 2016

Robin on Daesh/ISIL, Afghanistan's supreme court, and the pundits who analyze US elections. Guests: Jenny Raskin's Videofreex docufilm; Alida Brill's new book; former Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin (on Bernie). Plus Surrealism Corner and We Won This!

Jenny Raskin: »

Alida Brill: »

Mar 12, 2016

Robin on Sanders' guns and Trump's genitals. Guests: Jen Brea on truths about Chronic Fatigue and women; Pamela Shifman and plans for The Women's Building; Julia Markus uncovers who Lady Byron really was. Plus, Surrealism Corner and We Told You So!

Jen Brea:
Canary In A Coal Mine (Film Website) »

Pamela Shifman:

Mar 5, 2016

Robin on Trump, Mussolini, and the KKK. Guests: Alessandra Gonzalez on Muslim elites; Susan McClelland on Lucia Jang's North Korean escape; Kavitha Davidson on women athletes (and male locker rooms). New features: We Told You So! and We Won This!

Alessandra Gonzalez:
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