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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan is a nationally syndicated American radio show with an international audience in 110 countries around the globe. The weekly show is hosted by Robin Morgan, the award-winning author of over 20 books, political analyst, former editor in chief of Ms. Magazine, and, in 2005, co-founder (with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem) of The Women's Media Center.

Praised as "talk radio with a brain" by The Huffington Post, the show has enjoyed exponential ratings growth, not only because of its world-class host, but because of its world-class guests.

The founding sponsor of WMC Live is The Artemis Rising Foundation (Regina K. Scully, Founder and CEO).


An award-winning poet, novelist, political theorist, feminist activist, journalist, editor, and best-selling author, Robin Morgan has published more than 20 books, including the now-classic anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful, Sisterhood Is Global, and Sisterhood Is Forever: The Women's Anthology for A New Millennium. Recent books include: A Hot January: Poems 1996-1999; Saturday's Child: A Memoir; her best-selling The Demon Lover: The Roots of Terrorism; her new historical novel, The Burning Time; and her latest nonfiction work, Fighting Words: A Tool Kit for Combating the Religious Right.

A recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Prize (Poetry) and numerous other honors, and a former Editor-in-Chief of Ms. magazine, she founded The Sisterhood Is Global Institute and co-founded The Women's Media Center. An architect and leader of contemporary U.S. feminism, she has also been a leader in the international women's movement for 30 years. She lives in New York City and has just finished a new novel.

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The mission of The Women's Media Center is to make women visible and powerful in the media. The WMC works to ensure that women's stories are told, women's voices are heard, and the entire world of news, entertainment, and communications is represented—not just half of it.

The WMC launches media advocacy campaigns, monitors media for sexism, creates original content as features and blogs on its website, trains women and girls in media skills, and promotes media-experienced women experts. The non-profit organization directly engages with media at all levels to ensure that a diverse group of progressive women is present in newsrooms, on air, in print and online, in film, entertainment, and theater, both as sources and subjects.

The Women's Media Center was founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem.

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Robin on the lack of female playwrights, NASA's new Blue Marble photo, and Cosby as "America's ideal Dad." Guests: Jillian Goodman, founder of new magazine Mary; Alaa Murabit on women in Libya; evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk on insects as sex instructors.

Jillian Goodman »
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Alaa Murabit
Voices of Libyan Women »
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Marlene Zuk
Zuk Lab at the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences »
TEDBlog: The many meanings of seduction »

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Robin comments on Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman publication controversy, South Carolina (again), and women in media abroad. Guests: East African singer-songwriter Somi; bioengineer of marine life Kakani Katija; legendary Indian Gandhian feminist activist Devaki Jain.

Kakani Katija
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Somi »
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Devaki Jain »

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Robin on "strict Constitutionalists"—and the Monarch butterfly. Guests: Rana el Kaliouby, who teaches computers to read our emotions; Lauren Wolfe reports on the plight of women refugees in Italy; feminist rock critic Jessica Hopper's take on the current rock scene and women.

Rana el Kaliouby
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Lauren Wolfe »
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Jessica Hopper »
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Robin on SCOTUS rulings and white-supremacist domestic terrorism. Guests: climate science defender Naomi Oreskes; Muslim feminist comedian Negin Farsad; and documentary filmmaker Sini Anderson's new subject—women and Lyme Disease. Plus, Surrealism Corner.

Sini Anderson
On Women Make Movies »

Naomi Oreskes
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TedX Talk: Why We Should Believe In Science »
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The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future on Amazon »

Negin Farsad »
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Robin on racism, the Mother Emmanuel Church massacre, the battle flag of the Confederacy and the Second Amendment. Guests: Liz Garbus, director of documentary on Nina Simone; Gayle Lemmon on women soldiers in special ops; Mellissa Silverstein on Hollywood's "genderquake."

Melissa Silverstein
Women & Hollywood Blog on »
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Gayle Lemmon »

Liz Garbus
"What Happened, Miss Simone?" on »

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Robin on FDA consideration of “libido drug” for women. Guests: Monica Simpson of SisterSong; Jeannie Gayle Pool, feminist musicologist, on a rediscovered opera and other gems ; Lina Nilsson on the real reasons women aren’t in STEM, and how to change that.

Lina Nilsson
The Blum Center »
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Jeannie Gayle Pool »

Monica Simpson »
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Robin on Dennis Hastert's alleged child sexual abuse. Guests: Holly Carter on kid filmmakers; Asra Nomani on "Gender Jihad" and reforming Islam; Gail Dines on newly discovered effects of pornography and that industry's multinational corporate status. Plus, Surrealism Corner.

Gail Dines »
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TEDx Talk: Growing Up in a Pornified Culture »

Asra Nomani »
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Holly Carter »

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Robin on SCOTUS's Elonis decision and Tunisia's Truth Commission. Guests: Dr. Jennifer Mieres on women's cardiac health; Carmen Gonzalez on environmental justice and some simple solutions; Fraidy Reiss on her underground railroad for women fleeing arranged marriages.

Dr. Jennifer Mieres
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Carmen Gonzalez
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Fraidy Reiss »
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Robin celebrates Ireland’s marriage equality referendum but mourns their abortion illegality. Guests: Karen Tramontano on making policy answerable to poor people; Taina Bien-Aimé on sexual exploitation and the UN; Susan Solomon on 7 ways to get more women into science.

Karen Tramontano »

Taina Bien-Aimé »

Susan Solomon
NY Stem Cell Foundation: Initiative on Women in Science »

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Exclusive Coverage: Former President Jimmy Carter and Robin speak at the first World Summit on Sexual Exploitation, The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia, May 11-12 (Courtesy of the Carter Center). Guest Jennifer Crumpton on her book, Femmevangelical. Plus, Surrealism Corner.

Jimmy Carter & The Carter Center »
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Jennifer Crumpton »
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