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Dec 19, 2015

The Winter Solstice show! Robin on Trump-Cruz-Scalia, surviving whiplash from the backlash, and redefining time for a new year. Guests: Rabbi Sharon Brous, Annie Laurie Gaylor (Freedom from Religion Foundation)—plus the Buddhist tale of Dhammananda.

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Annie Laurie Gaylor:

Dec 12, 2015

Robin on San Bernadino and the aftermath—and on detoxifying from the news. Guests: Mona Eltahawy on sexual revolution in the Muslim world; Louise Mirrer on putting women into history; Jessamyn Rodriguez on Hot Bread Kitchen's empowering women.

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Dec 5, 2015

Robin on the Planned Parenthood shooting, the "Caliphate"—and religion itself. Guests: Erin Helfert from Paris on the attacks' aftermath—against women; Margaret Huyck on older women; Liz Cunningham on ocean preservation. Plus, a new name for "ISIL."

Liz Cunningham: »

Erin Helfert:

Nov 21, 2015

Robin comments on terrorism—and on organ donation and a new treatment for ovarian cancer. Guests: Saru Jayaraman and ROC United on restaurant workers rights; champion and activist Billie Jean King in conversation as you've never heard her before.

Saru Jayaraman: »

Billie Jean King:

Nov 14, 2015

Robin on repro rights centrality to progress—and on the US turning less religious. Guests: Ellyn Kaschak's new book on blindness, sight, and bigotry; Anne Marie Goetz's inside scoop on the UN; Marlo Thomas recalls "That Girl" and "Free to Be..."

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Anne Marie...