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Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan is a nationally syndicated American radio show with an international audience in 110 countries around the globe. The weekly show is hosted by Robin Morgan, the award-winning author of over 20 books, political analyst, former editor in chief of Ms. Magazine, and, in 2005, co-founder (with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem) of The Women's Media Center.

Praised as "talk radio with a brain" by The Huffington Post, the show has enjoyed exponential ratings growth, not only because of its world-class host, but because of its world-class guests.

The founding sponsor of WMC Live is The Artemis Rising Foundation (Regina K. Scully, Founder and CEO).


An award-winning poet, novelist, political theorist, feminist activist, journalist, editor, and best-selling author, Robin Morgan has published more than 20 books, including the now-classic anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful, Sisterhood Is Global, and Sisterhood Is Forever: The Women's Anthology for A New Millennium. Recent books include: A Hot January: Poems 1996-1999; Saturday's Child: A Memoir; her best-selling The Demon Lover: The Roots of Terrorism; her new historical novel, The Burning Time; and her latest nonfiction work, Fighting Words: A Tool Kit for Combating the Religious Right.

A recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Prize (Poetry) and numerous other honors, and a former Editor-in-Chief of Ms. magazine, she founded The Sisterhood Is Global Institute and co-founded The Women's Media Center. An architect and leader of contemporary U.S. feminism, she has also been a leader in the international women's movement for 30 years. She lives in New York City and has just finished a new novel.

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The mission of The Women's Media Center is to make women visible and powerful in the media. The WMC works to ensure that women's stories are told, women's voices are heard, and the entire world of news, entertainment, and communications is represented—not just half of it.

The WMC launches media advocacy campaigns, monitors media for sexism, creates original content as features and blogs on its website, trains women and girls in media skills, and promotes media-experienced women experts. The non-profit organization directly engages with media at all levels to ensure that a diverse group of progressive women is present in newsrooms, on air, in print and online, in film, entertainment, and theater, both as sources and subjects.

The Women's Media Center was founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem.

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Robin comments on a high point in the human spirit—and on startling discoveries about how we process information. Guests: Karen Naimer of PHRC; Nelly Gicho-Niyonzima of The Connected Hearts; and Mallika Dutt on fresh, creative strategies to fight violence against women, trafficking, and conflict. » »
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Robin takes on "I'm no racist" racists. Guests: Singer-songwriter Janita discusses her new, breakthrough album—with a WMCLive world premiere of her new single; Mona Eltahawy reports on the chaos of Egypt; Gloria Steinem returns—with a new organization that funds women. »
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Robin on Hillary's email, and on young women joining ISIL. Guests: GA State Sen. Nan Orrock on politics at the state level; Charon Asetoyer exposes how oil pipelines increase violence against Native women; Hasna Maznavi, 29, founder of the first Women's Mosque of America. »
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Robin sees through the Walmart raise. Guests: Carol McCabe Booker on black press pioneer Alice Dunnigan, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday on the Oscars. EXCLUSIVE: The first-ever airing of 2005 conversation between music icons Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) and the late Lesley Gore.

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Robin on Strauss-Kahn's pimping trial in France—and U.S. weather. Guests: Nigerian-American novelist Bridgett Davis; Millennials critique voluntourism; Mexican investigative reporter Lydia Cacho on surviving traffickers' death threats. Also, Verbal Karate and The Last Straw. »
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Robin on #BlackGirlsMatter, Vatican “women’s week,” and Obama’s religion flap. New study connecting domestic violence and mass shootings. Guests: classical guitarist Sharon Isbin; engineer Rossana D'Antonio; Hadiza Bala Usman, founder of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. »
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Robin on the Vanderbilt U. gang rape guilty verdict and the end of "the Brawns Age." Guests: Zakiya Jemmott, post-Ferguson millennial activist; Rosalie Maggio, language expert/author; Charlotte Isaksson, founder of GenderForce—a world first. Plus, News You Can Use: oxytocin.

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Robin on ISIL’s price list and rules for treating female captives and slaves. Guests: Former DA Jane Manning reveals the real problem with Rolling Stone’s campus rape article; and from the Sundance Festival, correspondent Pat Mitchell talks with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

Jane Manning's article "Reporting on Rape" (1/15/2015) » »
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Robin on the Oscar nominations—and endangered ocean life. Guests: Lael Echo-Hawk on reforming Native tribal councils; NY City Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito on being a “first”; Jessica Neuwirth’s new book on why we need the ERA more than ever. Plus, the Surrealism Corner. »
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Robin comments on “Who is Charlie, Really?” Guests: Eva Longoria talks about her Latina political activism; Ellen Bravo’s workplace update on the progress of paid leave legislation; Dana Cowin and Beverly Wettenstein on women chefs gaining power. Plus “A Eulogy for Maha.”

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